The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that University of Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison has been suspended after his second arrest in just over a month.  Unlike his arrest last month, for allegedly smacking a bouncer at a night club, Morrison's latest arrest stems from a far less violent incident- barking at a police dog. Are you kidding me?

ESPN reported Morrison was walking outside a hotel between 3 and  4 in the morning,and allegedly went up to a police car and barked at the police dog that was in the backseat. He allegedly resisted arrest when police told him to wait in the car. said "Morrison's defense was the dog barked first, according to the police report."

The two questions that come to my mind are these. Why in the world would a football player need to be out in the street at 3:45am? Secondly, what goes through a guy's mind that compels him to approach a police dog - and bark at it? Hopefully, Morrison will make it through life with his football skills, because obviously he's lacking in the area of common sense and mental aptitude.

By the way, Morrison, who is supposed to be the Gators' starting middle  linebacker will miss at least two games because of the two incidents.