Anyone who has flown on a commercial jet could probably recite the mandatory and routine safety announcement that happens before every flight, so imagine the surprise of the passengers who were aboard this Southwest airplane when the flight attendant turned the mundane announcement into a hilarious comedy routine.

It sounds like something that would only happen in a movie, but this real-life experience was caught on video by one of the passengers aboard the plane.

The passengers are in stitches as the flight attendant instructs anyone who wants to smoke to "step outside," or when the oxygen masks fall down to "please insert 75 cents for the first minute." "If you're traveling with small children - we're sorry..." she says.

We don't know if this flight attendant lost her job over her comedy routine, but if she did she should have no trouble making it on the comedy circuit. If she's still employed, I want to fly on her plane. There's nothing like taking the ordinary and familiar and turning it into something completely unexpected and absolutely hilarious.