Welcome to October --and the start of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But, before you rush out to shop, be aware of the five worst things to buy this month.

While some of us wouldn't even think of starting our holiday shopping in October, believe it or not there are those who are just chomping at the bit to get started. If you are one of those, you at least need to be aware of some things that are best bought later rather than sooner.
If you are looking for some good buys in October, it's a good time to buy cars, tickets for a cruise, iPads, camping gear, and for some strange reason- pizza.

From BusinessInsider.com, here are some tips on what not to buy - yet.

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    Many of these items will be discounted as part of Black Friday sales next month, so, if you can, it's actually best to wait just a few more weeks on this purchase.

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    Cold Weather Apparel


    Unfortunately, this is just not the best time to buy winter wear. You will probably find a few Black Friday deals, but the biggest overall discounts on cold weather apparel won't come until January.

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    General Electronics


    Things like digital cameras, media players, and home theater components typically see their best prices in November, and usually right around Black Friday weekend. So, again, it's best to deal these purchases for a few weeks.

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    (Manae Media)

    Box stores will tempt shoppers in October with discounted prices on televisions, but, the fact is, you will save even more if you can wait a few more weeks. Business Insider says TV's typically will be 10% cheaper in November than the October discounted prices.

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    Laptops are always a popular item for holiday shoppers Although it's beginning to sound like a broken record, if you wait until next month to buy, it's likely you will get the best deals of the year on the top models.