So many of us are pet lovers. I like cats, but I love dogs! But, caring for  a pet involves taking on a lot of responsibility. With our frenetic lifestyles, finding time to adequately care for a pet can be a challenge. While it is easy to just feed and water a pet, in order to truly care for your pet here are five ideas to drastically improve your pet's standard of living.

1. Switch to organic pet food - Pet food often contains anything from low quality meat to ash and sawdust. Switching to a premium organic brand of pet food is essential for improving your pet's health.

2. Train your pet properly - Pets, especially dogs require discipline. Rather than getting angry with your pet for his indoor faux pas, be sure to train him properly so as to avoid any future discipline problems.

3. Take out a pet insurance policy - While it may not seem necessary, pet insurance is essential for making sure you can cover your pet at his time of need.

4. Exercise regularly - Pets, like humans need regular exercise. Unlike humans, most pets can't let themselves out for a walk so be sure to make sure your pet is exercised regularly.

5. Take him to the vet regularly - Vets may be costly, but if you are serious about caring for your pet, regular trips to the vet are a must.