Predictions can be a risky venture because you never know if a prediction will come true. Let's face it, the world didn't end in December leaving some more than a little embarrassed. On the other hand, when a prediction is correct, it makes you wonder what special powers that person has. In 1988, the 'Los Angeles Times Magazine' made some predictions of what life in 2013 would be like. Here are five they got right.

  1. People would own a "personal portable computer about the size of a three-by-five card."  In other words, they predicted the invention of the smart phone.
  2. Every car would have a computer in it and drive itself. Cars have had computers for years and some cars have the ability to park themselves. Also, there has been significant progress in developing a car that drives itself. The Google Car is one example.
  3. Computer navigation systems for driving .. as we know it, GPS.
  4. Video chat systems. Skype is one of the the most popular.
  5. Schools with satellite campuses connected over computer networks and computer screens for walls. Most colleges offer at least some online classes and "Smart Boards" are becoming more and more popular in the classroom.

The predictions weren't all correct. The magazine predicted robot cooks, maids and even robot pets would be popular. They also said magnetism would lift cars off the road for a smoother ride. The magnetic hovercraft technology exists, but isn't advanced enough for general use.