At the very least, food poisoning can make you uncomfortable or sick. For some, it can be deadly. To help you avoid, or at least be able to determine where that nasty belly ache and more came from, here are the top five foods most likely to give you food poisoning.

According to Top Five of Anything, using data from the Surveillance for Foodborne Disease Outbreaks United States annual reports, these foods are the biggest culprits of food borne illness.

  1. Fruit - Melons were more than twice as likely than other fruits to cause illness
  2. Fish - Improper storage, handling, cooking and holding temperatures
  3. Chicken - Same as fish
  4. Vegetables - Leafy vegetables were 20 times more likely the cause of illness than other vegetables
  5. Dairy - Unpasteurized dairy products were the most common cause of illness

Of interest is 60% of food poisoning cases come from sit down restaurants and banquet/ catering facilities. The place you're the least likely to get food poisoning is a fast food restaurant.