Colorado is home to some very unique summer festivals. From music to the whimsical, there is a festival for every, well, taste in Colorado in the summer. Let's take a look at my top five.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

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That ought to read World Renowned. People from all parts of the globe come to enjoy one of the most scenic music venues anywhere. And the lineup of acts never disappoints. Held in June in the picturesque town of Telluride, Colorado, this event offers several musical styles, lots of events and full days worth of fun each day.

Greeley Stampede

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No summer list would be complete without the Stampede. Greeley may be quite a drive from Grand Junction, but attending the Stampede is always worth it. PRCA rodeo, incredible musical guests and of course the midway, where there are rides a plenty and games for all ages.

Colorado Brewers Festival


Beer. Seriously. Held in Fort Collins every year, there is no admission to the event, as you can walk around and see all kinds of great displays, get ideas and advice on making your own craft beer and an affordable tasting package make this one a must attend. This year's event had over 90 brews and over 40 brewers. If you like craft beer I can't think of a better way to start your summer than right here.

Colorado State Fair


Talk about a party. Top musical acts, year after year, some of the greatest attractions to be found anywhere, amazing food, PRCA Rodeo, and the entire state on display. Pueblo hosts the Colorado State Fair and it has always been memorable. And it always will be.

Country Jam USA

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No summer list could be complete without mentioning the biggest and best country music festival around. Held every year at the Country Jam Ranch in Mack, just outside of Grand Junction, it's four days of music, food, beer, fun and more. County Jam isn't just a music festival, it's an event, people plan on for the entire year. Always the top acts in Country Music and an incredible atmosphere, you can't miss this one.

That's my list. What's on yours? Film festivals? Renaissance festivals? Let's compare and go festivaling! (I made up a new word!)