You may see these wristbands around town, but do you know what they mean? 

Jack Taylor

They were made to bring awareness to colorectal cancer and treatment. And, according to,  because of advancements in detection and treatment, more than one million people can count themselves as survivors!

Jack Taylor

At St. Mary's Cancer Center in Grand Junction, where these wristbands came from, they are able to treat most cancers, but even more, they offer a supportive group who have beaten cancer themselves. As a person who has seen 3 family members die from this terrible disease, I know how important that support truly is.

That support starts with early detection, which is what the wristbands hope to bring attention to. And unlike ten years ago, testing has become much less invasive and painful. There are a variety of tests that can be performed to determine if you have cancer, as well as aggressive treatments to, if caught early enough, eliminate the dread disease.

So, if you see someone wearing one and it reminds you to get checked yourself, then that's one more battle to be won.

Get checked. Your family will thank you for the rest of your life.