It's another round of "The Clash of the Titans": The two top fast food franchises face off against one another in the battle of the "Best Breakfast Sandwich." Choose your champion!

Today's challenge includes the #1 and #2 fast food chains in America, namely McDonald's and Subway, battling it out with their signature breakfast options. In one corner, the legendary McMuffin, and in the other, Subway's breakfast sandwich with egg white and ham.

I'm so broke, I've been living on both of these items for about a year. The McMuffin combo comes in at a little over $4 including a coffee and hashbrowns. The Subway sandwich comes in at just over $4, and includes a coffee or orange juice. Here are the stats:

  • The McMuffin comes with an egg-like substance on a couple of English Muffins and a slice of ham.

  • The Subway breakfast sandwich comes on your choice of bread (I recommend flatbread) with either whole egg or egg white, two slices of ham, and your choice of vegetables, sauces, etc.