If you've recently received a notice from the City of Grand Junction about weed violation that looks like this, it's fake.

Officials at the City of Grand Junction Weed Abatement Program say the false notices contain the City's logo and the address and phone number for the Parks and Recreation department which are both incorrect. Also, some of these notices are being sent to people without violations.

The City says one of the key differences between the fraudulent notices and the real ones is the fake notices lack the property owner's name, address and parcel number.

Here's the complete example of the fraudulent notices being sent out.

Courtesy, City of Grand Junction

A real notice from the City's Weed Abatement Program looks like this.

Courtesy, City of Grand Junction

The City of Grand Junction says if you have any questions about whether your notice is real or fake you can contact them at 970-254-3866. The City also offers additional information on the Weed Program online.

On a related note, a local weed cutting company has been sending out flyers with the City's logo. The City of Grand Junction is not affiliated with any weed cutting business and says use of the City's logo without permission is prohibited.