A visit to the Butterfly Pavillion at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and a face to face meeting with an exotic moth turns out to be more than just a close encounter for this reporter.

While the moth was climbing around the reporter's ear, she decided to leave a gift of a couple of eggs. The eggs were discovered as the reporter and the manager were checking to make sure no butterflies or moths were clinging to them as they were leaving the facility.

The report says the African Moon Moth's eggs were unfertilized and wouldn't have hatched, so nothing would have happened had they gone undiscovered.

Still, it's creepy thinking if this reporter wasn't thorough cleaning his ears and those eggs were fertilized and hatched, he'd have moth larvae in his ear.

We now know when we were kids, our parents were telling the truth when they told us to clean our ears or something will grow out of them.