The wait may finally be over for those wondering what happened to Elton John's new album titled 'The Diving Board.' The original release date was delayed so Elton could work on more songs.

According to reports from Rolling Stone, the album is nearing completion. Elton describes it as "the most adult record I can make at my age," and that it's also "the most piano-orientated record I've ever made." Elton goes on to say, 'The Diving Board' is "everything I love about American music:" a mix of gospel, blues, jazz, brass band music, pop and a waltz.

Most of the album was recorded early in 2012, but was shelved so Elton could work on other projects. In January, he wrote and recorded a few more songs for the album. Elton says, it gave him time to "put a little more sugar on it... making it Eltonized."

The songs were co-written with Elton's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, and produced by T Bone Burnett, who also produced Elton's album, 'The Union',  which featured Leon Russell.

Tentative release date for the album is September and according to Rolling Stone, these are the tracks that will be on the album.

"Oceans Away"
"Oscar Wilde Gets Out"
"A Town Called Jubilee"
"The Ballad of Blind Tom"
"My Quicksand"
"Can't Stay Alone Tonight"
"Voyeur" (Elton at one time considered naming the album after this song)
"Home Again"
"Take This Dirty Water"
"The New Fever Waltz"
"Mexican Vacation (Kids in the Candlelight)"
"Candlelit Bedroom"
"The Diving Board"