We always want to look our best, but often times we don't. Here are eight easy ways to improve your appearance.

Readers of Reddit were asked to share simple tips that could improve a person's appearance without much effort. Here's a few of the tips they offered.

1) Good posture makes you look good and is good for you. Always stand up straight, and when  you walk look forward not down. It's been suggested you walk like a super-hero wearing a cape.

2) Get more sleep. You'll feel better, more energetic, and  won't look all beat down and haggard.

3) If you want to look better in a photo, only smile the second before the picture is snapped rather than putting a plastered smile on your face that ends up looking as fake as it really is.

4) Wear clothing that is the correct size. If you are trying to squeeze into jeans that are two sizes too small,  you have to know that it just doesn't look good, no matter how proud you may feel for actually getting into them. Wearing clothes that are too big make you look sloppy.

5)  Change your hairstyle at least once each decade - and make sure that it is decade-appropriate.

6) Keep your hair clean. Straggly, greasy hair is not attractive - at all.

7) Drink more water. It helps your skin and reduces bloating.

8) Change your sheets and pillow cases more often. You won't be sleeping in your old oil and sweat, and that will be better for your skin.