Someone rings your doorbell. When you answer, they tell you they are there to test your water. What should you do?

Unless you've called the water company and reported a problem, the best thing to do is say "thanks, but no thanks" and send them on their way. That's because neither the City of Grand Junction Water, Ute Water Conservancy District, nor Clifton Water District do water testing this way.

According to the Drought Response Information Project, these tests are in fact a private company's effort to sell you a product and that product is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the area water providers.

If a real representative from the water company comes to your door, they will have a picture ID to identify themselves as an employee, will be wearing company clothing and will be driving an official company vehicle.

The water companies don't typically do water testing at homes or businesses because they have testing and sampling stations at various locations to ensure the water meets Federal standards. So, unless the owner has reported a problem with the water, on-site testing isn't necessary. Also, if they do need to run a water test, the water company will contact the home or business owner in advance.

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