Back in the 1980's when we all walked around with ghetto blasters the size of a filing cabinet and played with remote control cars, using a 'C' battery was an everyday occurrence. Now, 30-some-odd years later, workplaces and toy chests have tons of the things left laying around, with no practical use for them. Is that truly the case, though?

What are the odds you can cram a 'C' battery into your new digital camera? When was the last time to you saw a child's toy that requires a battery rather than a charger? Well, it just so happens some things do in fact require a 'C'-cell.

Here is a short list of common items:

  • My bike headlamp requires 'C' batteries.
  • The Maglite S2C016 Flashlight requires 2 'C' batteries!
  • One web listed "hearing aids" as being something requiring a 'C' battery. This we have a little difficulty believing.

Near as we can tell, the number one item on the market that still runs on 'C' batteries would in fact be women's vibrators.

It just so happens the "Jack Rabbit Vibrator," the #1 selling vibrator at, requires three 'C' batteries.The next best selling model requires two.

Wait a minute! Wheels are turning. Could it possibly happen that 'C' batteries have the potential to become valuable commodities just like ammunition? As bullets become more and more scarce, their value is increasing exponentially as gun users stock up. Could it happen that as 'C' batteries become less and less common, women who use vibrators will start stockpiling them for emergencies?

Well, suddenly those 'C' batteries I have laying around making a nuisance of themselves have become worth their weight in gold. Any bidders?