Our brains have the amazing ability to fill in the gaps when we're speaking with a catch word or sound. For many, that word is either 'uh' or 'um'. Which one of those words you use most depends in part on where you live.

A study published by Quartz.com found the word you use is dependent on two primary factors, whether your a man or a woman and where you live.

It seems that men tend to use the word 'uh' more frequently while women lean towards 'um'.

Every region of the US has it's own colloquialisms and apparently the use of the words 'uh' and 'um' may be part of that, as well.

The study found people living in the northeast, southeast and upper midwest are more likely to say 'um' while people living in the central and southwest parts of the country say 'uh'.

Residents of the western part of the US, particularly the northwest, didn't have a defined preference for either 'uh' or 'um'.

In another study, Mark Liberman found the older you are, the more likely you are to use 'uh' regardless of where you live.

For those of us who live in Western Colorado, the survey indicates a preference for the  word 'uh', but we want to know how accurate that is with our own survey.