This has to be the craziest stunt we've seen in a long time! Jonathan Rice, of Longmont, Colo., loves to run in the heat and takes it to the extreme by dressing as Darth Vader while running in the blistering heat of Death Valley. His latest dash through the desert was in 129 degree weather!

Rice says he fell in love with "heat running" back in 1996 during his first visit to Death Valley. He first ran a half mile with his friend driving ahead of him for safety. Rice struggled, but instantly was hooked.

From there, Rice decided to step it up a bit by adding the Darth Vader costume. The all-black costume is short of a pressure cooker while limiting Rice's Breathing.

Rice doesn't recommend this highly dangerous stunt, stating on his website that:

There is no good reason for it other than the sheer joy of seeing the looks on the faces of the people quietly trying to escape the cloying heat, windows rolled up and AC blasting ... while you thunder by, cape flying, in 129 degree heat!

This year Jonathon finished his melting-mile in 6 minutes and 39 seconds, he hopes to be recognized for the hottest mile ever ran!