Take a four-year-old girl, her dad, a ukulele, the classic song 'Tonight you Belong to Me' and you have an amazingly cute and completely heartwarming duet.

The father says his daughter couldn't sleep because she thought she kept hearing fireworks. To take her mind off of the noise, he decided to have her sing a song with him. As you see in the video, she stops the song every time she thinks she hears fireworks, making this even cuter.

'Tonight You Belong to Me' was written in 1926 by Billy Rose and Lee David. There have been several popular versions of the song over the years including one in 1952 performed by Frankie Laine.

Probably the most memorable contemporary version of the song comes from a scene in the 1979 movie, 'The Jerk' starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.

Watch Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters perform 'Tonight you Belong to Me'