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Fatigue is our body’s way of telling us it’s time for rest. The feeling of fatigue comes naturally, as your body will do the work and let you know. Depriving your body of its required rest will leave you with symptoms that are not only unhealthy, but also unproductive. Sure, you can resist the urge to sleep to accommodate your busy lifestyle for a short time. But you could find you’re actually accomplishing less. Studies show adults need six to eight hours of sound sleep a day to function to their full abilities. While it may sound contradictory, exercise will improve your overall fight against fatigue. Studies show that people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise.

When a healthy lifestyle has become a top priority, you may need direction and guidance they need to be successful. Here’s where a personal trainer comes in.
It’s important to find a trainer who is a good fit for you. First, identify what you want. What are your goals, not only in terms of fitness, but also your overall lifestyle? Making a change is hardly ever easy. You could only have the goal of being “healthy.” Your trainer can help you set realistic, attainable and specific goals. Communication is the most important step in selecting a trainer. You need to be able to talk openly with this person. Find a trainer whose work schedule matches your schedule and fees that match your budget. Then them why you’re there, what you want to achieve and your medical history. By setting goals, you have a starting point from which to move forward.

Weight loss can be a challenge for anyone. So how do you stay on the right path to fulfill your goal? Keep in mind that weight loss is a multi-faceted goal. That’s what makes it so difficult. You get set in your ways, and making changes can be tough. Successful weight loss involves nutrition, exercise, motivation, time and a specific mind set. Consider what you eat. Nutrition goes hand in hand with weight loss. It’s your fuel for everything you do. In simple terms, if you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. Although it’s not actually that simple, try to think of it as “good” choices versus “bad” choices. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Sometimes you’re just thirsty rather than hungry. Eating several small meals a day will help prevent snacking and binging. Be careful of mindless eating — eating while on the telephone, in front of the television or in your car. Instead, take the time to enjoy the foods you’re eating. Come see us at Crossroads for more information on losing weight.