If you're ever short a biscuit (puck) for your next game of indoor shuffleboard, you might want to consider using this crazy cat who loves to slide across a slick floor.

The cat, Richard the Ragdoll, thinks all this sliding around is just part of a game. If the cat's owner was creative, he could put some tape on the floor in the form of a shuffleboard scoring triangle and see how many points he could rack up before the cat came back and bit off the end of his finger.

If that's too extreme, the two could turn all this sliding around into a fun way to sweep the floor. Just slide the cat around until all the dirt and lint was picked up then take the cat outside, dust him off and he's ready to slide around and dust the next room.

Some may think this is cruel, but if the cat didn't like sliding across the floor, he wouldn't keep coming back for more.