We continue our Christmas shopping theme today. Yesterday we learned that the one thing that Christmas shoppers hate the most is finding a place to park. But, for me, the #1 issue is WHAT to buy - for a woman. It's enough to drive a man crazy.

Today's Cranium Kruncher doesn't help.Although women like it, and it usually has a pleasant scent, 44% of people surveyed said this is the most thoughtless gift they could receive. Immediately, my thoughts went to candles. Women DO tend to love them, but clearly a candle is a gift that requires little thought. Flowers would be a good answer here as well. But, no. The answer, surprisingly is - SOAP!

On the surface, soap seems to be a safe bet and well-liked gift - IF it's packaged in some unique shape in a nice basket along with some lotion, perfume, and other womanly items.But, apparently soap by itself does not cut it as a proper gift for a woman. It's possible she will think you are sending a hint that she smells bad.(and maybe she does, and maybe you ARE) But, regardless, soap-on-a-rope has apparently lost its charm.

Now I'm back to the drawing board- with 13 shopping days to go.