"Hi! I'd like to order a tall, non-fat, skinny, decaf, no foam, 3 raw sugars, s shots of soy with a squirt of Caramel"

If you order this coffee, you'll not only annoy the person waiting in line to order their "regular coffee," we're not sure what that says about you other than you're a little difficult.

A recent study surveying 1,000 coffee drinkers and what type of coffees they drink, then associated those habits with personality traits and this is what they discovered:

  • Black Coffee Drinker

    A person who drinks their coffee black is normally straight forward, keeps things simple, is quiet but a bit moody, and all about minimalism.

  • Espresso Drinker

    An espresso drinker takes on leadership, is hard working and moody, and knows how to get what they want.

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  • Latte Drinker

    The latte drinker tends to be neurotic, likes to please people and is indecisive at making decisions.

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  • Cappuccino Drinker

    Cappuccino drinkers tend to be obsessive and controlling; creative, honest and motivated; and they make excellent friends. They can get bored with unimaginative people.

  • Instant Coffee Drinkers

    If you like to spoon your coffee right into the cup "instant style" you're more cheerful and optimistic, laid back and a procrastinator.

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  • Soymilk Drinker

    Soymilk drinkers are the most high-maintenance of the bunch. They're detail oriented, self-righteous and self-centered.

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  • Frappuccino Drinker

    If you'll try anything once, are a trend setter, like adventure and are a bit courageous, you're most likely a Frappuccino drinker.

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