Having trouble choosing a gift for that special someone? Stumped about what to give the person who has everything? Well, why not fly them to the moon? That’s right! Reservations are now being accepted for trips to the moon. For just a cool $1.5 billion, you can surprise someone with a gift that is sure to thrill and surprise even the toughest person on your list.

According to the Associated Press, a group of former NASA executives is launching a private venture to send people to the moon. The business is offering countries a two person trip to the moon for research or national prestige. NASA’s last trip to the moon was 40 years ago, beating the Soviet Union in a space race that captivated the world. President Obama cancelled NASA’s planned return to the moon saying America ‘had already been there. But other countries such as South Africa, South Korea, and Japan are showing interest in going. ‘It’s not about being first, it’s about joining the club’, says former NASA associate administrator Alan Stern.

So…what do you think? If money is no object, would you be interested in going, or sending someone  to the moon? Hey, it’s a trip for TWO…a bargain at $1.5 billion! And it's better than a new pair of socks.