An awareness campaign, to educate Mesa County residents about marijuana is being launched this week by the Mesa County Drug Threat Oversight Commission. The campaign includes basic information about marijuana, its effect on teens, and the impact of the drug on the community.

This week's emphasis is on the drug's effect on kids and teens, with other topics being covered in coming weeks like the impact the legalized drug is having on our community in terms of law enforcement, health care, and the legal system.

The commission is comprised of several organizations including Neural Activity, a teen drug prevention program for teens by teens.

It's great to have a resource like Neural Activity in the community, it's just unfortunate that we need it. One day, if it hasn't happened already, the people that voted to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado will wake up and realize what a huge mistake they made. It's created a whole new set of problems and concerns, especially when it comes to our young people.

We already deal with the issue of under-age drinking, and now we find ourselves trying to head off problems stemming from under-age use of marijuana.  How could we have possibly expected it to not be a problem?

You can learn more about Neural Activity on their website and how you can get involved.