Grand Junction food banks are always in need of donations, especially during the cold weather holiday months. If you have some bread, then a donation during National Bread Month is a great way to help.

As a part of National Bread Month and as a way to help local food banks, Great Harvest Bread Company is doing two things.

First, any bread not sold within 24 hours from being baked will be donated to area food banks and other charities which can use the bread.

Second, as part of the National Bread Challenge, Great Harvest is offering a loaf of their bread for a loaf, preferably unopened, of any fresh store-bought bread brought to the store Thursday, November 10 through Saturday, November 12.

While you can donate as many loves of bread as you like, the trade is limited to one loaf per person so there's plenty of bread to spread.

All the fresh unopened bread received during the three day bread challenge will be donated along with unsold bread to food banks and charities.