These are the drones you're looking for! The small town of Deer Trail, Colorado, just east of Denver on I-70 is considering an ordinance to hire professional bounty hunters to "hunt" unmanned drones that enter their airspace.

The Daily Caller recently reported that there is a six-page petition circulating between residents saying there is a threat to the “traditional American ideas of Liberty and Freedom” that are enjoyed by Deer Trail's ranchers, cowboys and Indians, and other concerned citizens.

Deer Trail will be holding town council meeting on August 6th to discuss this ordinance, which proposes to offer a would-be bounty hunters a year license to hunt drones for $25.

The bounty hunters will be allowed to "hunt" these unmanned drones using a 12 gauge shotgun or smaller firing lead, steel, or depleted uranium ammunition at aircraft that is 1,000 feet or below -- to determine the altitude, they can use a range finder or just their best guess.

The bounty for these drones will be $25 for wings or fuselage and $100 for a mostly-intact drone. The salvage parts from downed drones must include, “markings, and configuration that are consistent with those used by the United States federal government.”

Bounty hunters will only be allowed to "engage" the aircraft with three shots every two hours. The proposed ordinance basically says, being unable to bring down an aircraft within these guidelines "demonstrates a lack of proficiency with the weapon.

A drone becomes a target when the bounty hunter feels the aircraft is stalking them, maneuvering as though it's following someone or if it displays any weaponry. So, really, just flying around.

This is the beginning of the Rebellion!