According the Farmington Daily Times, Bobby Willis (remember “Bobby’s Birthday Bash”) is now in Branson, Missouri wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet. Take a look at the full story.

Willis has apparently been running from a series of legal entanglements since his sudden departure from the grand valley in 2011 after scheduling and cancelling a country music festival on the same weekend as Country Jam USA.

Willis has been charged with a number of accounts of securities fraud, embezzlement, fraud and racketeering – his attorneys say did nothing wrong and that he was never a flight risk.

Last summer Farmington police searched Willis’ Branson property where they found several weapons including assault rifles, pistols, and loaded magazines.  Now the 40-year old Willis claims to have been recently receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a series of small strokes.

During his time spent in the Grand Valley Willis was a frequent visitor to the Country Jam festivals and in 2011 tried to buy Country Jam but was never able to complete the transaction. Willis then scheduled “Bobby’s Birthday Bash,” a festival in Loma, on the same weekend as the Country Jam festival just up the road in Mack.

After numerous contentious hearings with Loma area residents, county officials and the general publi,c Willis decided to move the festival to the Mesa County Fairgrounds on Orchard Mesa. The Mesa County commissioners gave Willis their approval.  A short time later Willis backed out of the commitment with no explanation and disappeared from the local scene.

Willis posted bond using Farmington area property valued at over $1 million and is staying in the Branson area awaiting further legal action.