A video of a herd of bison running down the road in Yellowstone National Park that has caught the eye of survivalist saying that impending doom is on it's way.

Some people believe that animals have a sixth sense that can detect natural disasters, like flamingos fleeing the scene before a tsunami. Survivalists are saying that these buffalo are running away from Yellowstone because the super volcano the rests below the park is about to erupt.

It is true that Yellowstone sits atop one of the largest super volcanos that causes all the bubbling and spouting of water that makes the park one of the US' top tourist destinations.

This video was shot a week before a 4.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Yellowstone over the weekend.

Park officials are stating that the bison are doing what they do everyday -- run!

Jake Lowenstern, scientist-in-charge at Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, told KSDK,

This is the time of the year when bison naturally migrate in and out through the park,"

Well, I guess survivalists need to go back to the drawing board.