People complain all the time about the high cost of living in Grand Junction, but compared to other large cities, it’s cheaper to rent in Grand Junction than a lot of places in Colorado. According to the Denver Post the average rent in Grand Junction is $525. Here's how Grand Junction stacks up with other large Colorado cities.
1)Fort Collins - $1216
2)Denver - $1073
3)Loveland - $1026
4)Colorado Springs - $822
5)Greeley - $793
6)Pueblo - $595
7)Grand Junction - $525

While the average rent  is at an all-time high across the state, low vacancy rates are being blamed for the surge in rent costs.

The numbers seem especially surprising for Grand Junction which holds a reputation for a high cost of living and housing costs. We expect vacancy rates in Grand Junction to be low with the high demand brought on by college students attending Colorado Mesa University. In Grand Junction, vacancy rates were at 5.3% compared to 5.1% in Denver, 6.7% in Colorado Springs, and 8.1% in Pueblo.

Here's a sample of rental listings from the Grand Junction Sentinel.

*Room for rent in beautiful home. $450
*Furnished room, full house amenities. $300
*Close to downtown. 2 bedroom. $810
*Cute and clean, 2 bedroom. $650
*Clean 2 bedroom. $750
*Large 2 bedroom, 2 bath  $900

But, the numbers, as reported by the Colorado Division of Housing, don't lie. You may think you are paying a lot for rent - and maybe you are -- but, overall in Grand Junction, rent rates remain reasonable despite the state wide surge.