A blast of winter weather swept through the Colorado high country on Sunday, but it was bad driving, not bad roads that closed I-70 in both directions from Frisco to Vail for more than an hour.
Snow was falling in the usual trouble spots on Sunday along the I-70 corridor and motorists expected, or should have expected, winter driving conditions. However, apparently there were several drivers who failed to recognize the signs of winter driving, falling snow, near freezing temperatures, wet and occasional slushy roads, and reduced visibilities.

The evidence of that is the multiple accidents that occurred between Frisco and Vail, closing down the East-West highway for more than an hour. I was there.

The worst driving conditions were between Georgetown and the Twin Tunnels. Beyond that, the roads were mostly just wet, which is why it was shocking to discover there was no snow on the highway over Vail Pass. The road was just wet, not snow-packed, slushy, or ice-covered.

Although we can't know definitively why the accidents occurred, based upon the road conditions we observed first hand, it seems safe to assume people were simply driving too fast for conditions, which, again, weren't even all that bad.

I would appeal to anyone who travels the I-70 corridor to please drive carefully, especially when we have winter weather. It's a shame for hundreds of people to be stranded due to somebody else's carelessness.

Check out the video I shot on top of Vail Pass. You can see the eastbound traffic backed up and you can see that the roads were perfectly fine. There should not have been any accidents! Clearly, it was bad driving, not bad roads that closed I-70!