The first day for Grand Junction area students in District 51 is August 10. Here is some help to make sure students have the supplies they need as they head back to school.

For many students, school supplies include having the right clothes and accessories to wear to school. Parents are probably more concerned with providing their children with the proper learning supplies to make their school experience the best it can be.

Mesa County Valley School District 51 which serves Grand Junction and surrounding areas has compiled a list of the supplies students need for the upcoming school year.

Parents who are new to the district, have children who are just entering school or are transitioning to a different school or from grade to middle to high school will find the basic list of school supplies include more than just pencils, pens, and paper which you will need plenty of.

Some of the supplies needed, depending on school include everything from tissues to ZZiploc-style plastic bags to dry erase makers and other items typically not thought of as traditional school supplies.

School District 51 has a comprehensive list of supplies and fees for each school and grade available to assist parents in making sure they have the proper supplies for their child.

So, with list in hand and plenty of time to shop for school supply bargains, you may just have a little extra to buy that special outfit or shoes to help your child learn and look the best at school.