Don McLean may want to rewrite a line in his classic song 'American Pie' from "drove my Chevy to the levy.." to sped my my Chrysler through the school zone and the fine bled my wallet dry after being convicted of speeding.

McLean had contested the ticket after police said he was driving his Chrysler at 43 miles per hour when warning lights in the school zone were flashing. According to a story in the Bangor Daily News, the lights are made to flash and reduce the speed limit to 15 miles per hour in the school zone when students are traveling to and from school. Otherwise, the speed limit on that stretch of road is 45 miles per hour.

McLean, who lives in Camden, Maine near Rockport, where the speeding ticket was issued, said he is familiar with the stretch of road and always drives slow in a school zone, but that this time there were no flashing lights.

Judge Patricia Worth reduced the fine from $516 to $400, which McLean paid following his appearance in court.