A 60 year old man almost lost his leg after his ambulance driver stopped to pick up AND drop off a pair of hitchhikers!

Back in the day the worst thing you might pick up were some hippies, but this day and age it amazes me that anyone stops for hitchhikers anymore!

But this ambulance driver in England apparently has a BIG heart and not a lot of common sense!

After picking up a man with a severe blood clot in his leg he began to RUSH him to the hospital. Well, sort of ....

Until he saw a couple of hitchhikers and stopped to pick them up!

But it gets worse! Even though his patients toes were turning black the paramedic dropped the couple off at a garage. . . that wasn't even on the way to the hospital!

Eventually he made it to the ER where doctors had to perform emergency surgery.

(Daily Mail)