In many sibling relationships, there's one sibling who's adventurous and another who's much more cautious. It seems raccoon brothers are no exception.

As you can see from the video, one raccoon is perfectly content with washing his feet in the pool while the other, much to his brother's displeasure, decides to cool off with a nice swim, not once, but twice.

You can only imagine what the two raccoons, Willie and Waylon, are saying to each other, but it is probably something like this.

  • Willie - "This water sure feels good, think I'll go for a swim."
  • Waylon - "Are you crazy? You'll drown! Get out of there, you idiot."
  • Willie - "Naw, they've got these stairs. It's easy to get in and out. C'mon you chicken, hop in."
  • Waylon - "Not a chance. I don't want our owners to have to fish two dead raccoons out of their pool."
  • Willie - "See, I'm out perfectly safe. Now, why don't we both jump in?"
  • Waylon - "Why don't we both stay out. Are you listening to anything I say? Why are you back in the pool? Get out! Get out! Get out, before I'm an only child!"
  • Willie - "Alright, you party-pooper, I'm out. Now where did I put that towel?"