It was 50 years ago this week  that  Little Peggy March was on top of the charts with "I Will Follow Him." At age 15, she was the youngest female singer to ever have a number one hit in the U.S. She was nicknamed Little Peggy March because she was only 4' 9" when she was discovered at age 13, and her birthday was in March. Peggy  would manage just two more top 40 hits in the U.S. - "I Wish I Were A Princess", and  "Hello, Heartache, Goodbye, Love", but went on to incredible success in Germany. Turns out that the Europeans were more interested in her music than Americans were. In March of 1965, Peggy began a string of 21 consecutive top 40 hits on the German Charts, including a #1 hit "Romeo und Julia." She moved to Germany in 1969.

She has since returned to America and she continues to tour the U.S. and Europe. Of course, you can keep track of Peggy on her website.

Here's Peggy.......50 years later.