American Maid understands that your time is valuable. When time is a rare commodity, you can’t afford to spend it cleaning, dusting and polishing. Let American Maid give you back your leisure time.

Tile grout can be cleaned with a teaspoon of Tide detergent in a bucket of warm water. Use a toothbrush to clean the grout lines and then wipe with a clean damp rag and clean water.

For a food explosion in the Microwave, put a microwave safe glass of water in for 3 minutes. Let it steam and sit for 2 more minutes. Then simply wipe with a paper towel.

To clean the glass between the inside and the outside of the oven door, remove the drawer beneath the oven. There are holes in the bottom of the door. Attach a windex wipe to a cleaning wand and you can clean between the panes without taking the door apart.

Put a Bounce dryer sheer in your heating duct vents to act as an air freshener.

A little bit of dry Tide detergent and a magic eraser will clean a sink drain and make it shine. Lemons in the disposal will help eliminate bad smells.