Expecting parents looking for a unique way of naming their baby without making the name so unusual people think you're condemning your child to a life of humiliation, might want to consider this. A name that's the same spelled forward or backward.

The Huffington Post and Nameberry compiled a list of the most popular names that were a palindromic appellation.

  • Ada - The turn of the century favorite is making a resurgence as parents are opting for it over Ava.
  • Alla - An old nickname for Alexandra -rather than Alex - is now a popular name in itself.
  • Anna - Always a popular name and for some, a shortened version of Hannah.
  • Ara - Traditionally, an Armenian name for boys, the name is also becoming acceptable for girls, too.
  • Asa - This biblical name (Asa was a king of Judah)  for boys has, until recently been underused.
  • Ava - One of the all-time popular girls' names of the 21st century. Many associate the name with glamour, such as that of actress Ava Gardner.
  • Bob - Often used as a shortened version of Robert, Bob is starting to become a full name of it's own.
  • Elle - Either as a nickname for Eleanor or as a name of it's own, this is a popular name for girls thanks to it's association with model Elle McPherson.
  • Eve - The name given to the biblical woman in Genesis, is simple, beautiful and historic.
  • Hannah - A biblical name that gained popularity in the 1970s and continues to be one of the most popular names for girls thanks in part to the television show 'Hannah Montana'.
  • Nan - Even if you're not old enough to remember the Bobbsey twins, this name typically used as a shortened version of Nancy or Nanette, is gaining popularity as a name in itself.
  • Otto - This name has a lot of history behind it, including the period of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Renner - This is a recent palindrome which many associate with people wanting to name their offspring after celebrities. In this case, actor Jeremy Renner of Avengers movie fame.

Whether you choose one of these, a family name or something else, consider a name that has some longevity and meaning in it. After all, a name is something most people are stuck with for a lifetime.

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