People like to complain. It's a fact of life. There's probably things you hear people complain about but that you have never personally witnessed.

The question was asked on Reddit and  while some of the responses were very interesting, some were just plain silly.  People aren't saying these things haven't happened, they are just saying they have never personally experienced them.

1) Having an adorable, unique animal approach your back porch and befriend you
2)Someone bashing a fat person at the gym
3)Women who don't like you to hold the door open for them
4) Encounters with 30 foot tall monsters from the palaeolithic era asking for small sums of money
5) Someone driving up to a welfare office in a Cadillac, wearing Prada clothes and carrying a Gucci bag, collecting her welfare check
6) People who are broke having smart phones
7) People not using their turn signals
8)Non-Christians who get outraged when I say "Merry Christmas!"
9)Abuse of power by police
10)Stepping on a Lego actually hurting worse than stepping on anything else